Genuine Wifi IP Camera – Cheap Security Camera

WiFi security cameras for home and business are easier to install, more flexible and much more portable, than traditional wired surveillance cams.
Reolink provides the top-rated dual-band WiFi IP cameras, offering 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band options and eliminating your worries of signal loss. Ideal for monitoring places wirelessly where running cables all round isn’t in the cards. 
Experience our 5MP super HD WiFi IP cameras like never before, by capturing the details with 2.4X the resolution of 1080p, day and night. You can put the wireless security IP cameras outdoors and indoors, with waterproof housing. Stay connected anywhere with Reolink App and Client, by viewing your camera on your phone and computer.
Indoor wireless home security camera from Reolink also features two-way audio, pan and tilt. Reolink outdoor PTZ wireless IP camera provides a super wide viewing angle.

How much data does a WiFi security camera use?
Usually the data consumption may vary from connection to connection, but on an average for every 1080p IP Camera, the consumption is 5/Mbps but the samecamera will use a less data per second if the quality is sub-standard and the footage is sub-stream (512/Kbps).
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